Nick’s approach to teaching Lightroom Classic follows Leica’s own philosophy of “Das Wesentliche” (The Essentials) – this means getting the job done in the most effective way possible without being distracted by unnecessary features. In this course, we will show you how to quickly and easily fine-tune the process of downloading, annotating, polishing and exporting, so that you can make the most of your valuable time.

To use Lightroom effectively, you don’t need to know how to use everys ingle feature and slider with proficiency as some other tutorials may suggest. There is no need to ‘over think’ your own image collection and create a system of complex folder hierarchies – this course will show you just how simple it needs to be. Das Wesentliche!

You will be stepped through the principles of how Lightroom Classic really works. You will be shown, in detail, how to import your images quickly and effectively, how to search and cross reference images and how to save time by using Lightroom’s post-processing tools in a creative and efficient manner.

Nick likes to use the term ‘Applied Lightroom’ – this course is created with that firmly in mind.

"I can confidently say that no matter where you are in your Lightroom journey, you have something to learn from Nick Rains"

Neville J, Melbourne

"I enjoyed the Lightroom Course, thanks. The videos are full of advice and I really appreciate the effort you went to and the way you condense the key information into easy to digest (and understand!) segments."

John F, Brisbane

"I like that you explain the 'why' of what you do. Knowing why makes it easier to understand. Thanks for the good quality tutorials.

Gilbert R, Adelaide