Applied Lightroom - Library

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Adobe Lightroom can be the core of any photographer’s toolkit. The reason for this is that the cataloguing features in the Library Module are remarkably comprehensive for such a modestly priced application and to find a more powerful solution pushes the price into the many thousands of dollars. Lightroom has no equal when it comes to sheer usefulness.

Like all highly featured software, the power and versatility comes with a certain amount of complexity – there is a learning curve. In this video course veteran Lightroom user Nick Rains shows you how he uses Lightroom as the hub of his entire photographic business in a way that is both easy to understand and highly practical.

A properly set up catalogue should be a pleasure to use – finding images should take only seconds and building up the catalogue in the first place need not be as massive a chore as it would first appear.

Used correctly, Lightroom will be your absolute best friend, but used in a way that goes against its operating philosophy can make it seem to be causing more problems than it is solving. The key is knowing how Lightroom should be used and that’s exactly what Nick will be explaining in great detail. At the end of this course you will have the tools to create your own robust workflow and time invested now will be time saved one hundred-fold later on.

The title of this course says it all – Applied Lightroom!
44 Videos in this Course running for 5 hours 29 mins.