Applied Lightroom - FULL COLLECTION

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This is the Complete Collection of all four Applied Lightroom Courses - Library, Develop, Print and Archive.

There are over 100 videos in total, with a combined viewing time of all four Courses running to over 14 hours.

After you complete the purchase you will receive details by email about how to access the Course page. You will need to be logged in to the Akademie site to access the Lessons.

Library Module Course

Used correctly, Lightroom will be your absolute best friend, but used in a way that goes against it’s operating philosophy can make it seem to be causing more problems than it is solving. The key is knowing how Lightroom should be used and that’s exactly what Nick will be explaining in great detail. At the end of this course you will have the tools to create your own robust workflow and time invested now will be time saved one hundred-fold later on.

Develop Module Course

In this extensive series of videos, veteran professional photographer Nick Rains will show you two main things. Firstly, how all the adjustments work and secondly, once you understand how to properly assess your images and what all these adjustments actually do, how quickly you can achieve a polished result.

Printing Module Course

Printing Module Course : It’s certainly nice to see your images on a computer screen or on an iPad, but it’s much more rewarding to see your image as a physical print that you can hold in your hand, and then maybe hang on the wall.
This course aims to look behind the curtain and reveal the simple fact that printing need not be some sort of ‘dark art’ and that it’s not difficult to achieve an excellent result.

Storage and Archiving

Storage and Archiving Course: All image collections need a robust archiving and backup strategy, otherwise you run the very real risk of losing the whole lot. Hard drives fail, laptops get stolen, the list of possible dilated scenarios is almost infinitely long.
In this series of videos, Nick Rains shows you a comprehensive but simple way to keep your valuable images safe and sound. Yes, you will need to buy some more storage space but you do need to ask yourself – how much are my images worth?