Photoshop Primer

Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful piece of software which can be quite daunting for the beginner.  It’s not something you can simply work out for yourself – you really need to be shown how it works.

This Photoshop Primer E-Course is aimed at committed enthusiasts who would like to grow past the limitations of Lightroom’s own post-processing tools, and move into the realm of really subtle image sweetening; graduating into compositing and even more complex image editing.

To get a head start towards mastering the deeper aspects of Photoshop it is first necessary for you to learn the basics. This E-Course will provide you a firm grounding in concepts such as Layers, Masks, Channels and Selections, so that the more advanced techniques will make more sense to you.

This E-Course lays down the foundations of knowledge that you need to successfully navigate your first steps towards mastering this advanced software application and is led by Nick Rains who has been using Photoshop for the past 25+ years.