Applied Lightroom - Print

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It’s certainly nice to see your images on a computer screen or on an iPad, but it’s much more rewarding to see your image as a physical print that you can hold in your hand, and then maybe hang on the wall. Lightroom can help!

This course aims to look behind the curtain and reveal the simple fact that printing need not be some sort of ‘dark art’ and that it’s not difficult to achieve an excellent result. You could go out and buy a decent inkjet printer and be producing really nice prints in a matter of hours.

This course, like the other courses in the Lightroom Series, is based around ‘getting it done’ using Lightroom, and not overthinking the more geeky aspects of colour management etc. It is a totally achievable goal to make decent prints – whether it is from your own inkjet printer or by sending files out to a Lab.

9 Videos running for 1 hour and 44 minutes. This course also includes a downloadable 40 page E-Book covering the whole printing process.