Instructions for Leica Akademie Webinars.

You will need the following:

  • A computer with speakers so you can hear the presenter. There are audio tests available when you join the Webinar so you can check it’s all working.
  • A web browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. All browsers should work but these ones are generally the most reliable.
  • An Internet connection – it does not have to be super-fast.

Webinars will start as close to the published start time as possible so please be ready, seated comfortably and ready to enjoy!

Zoom Registration

You do not need a Zoom account but if you choose to, you can register for one here: Zoom

Webinar Registration

When you click on the link in the original email you should be taken to the Registration screen below. This is where you enter your Zoom Account details and click Register to be added to the Webinar Attendee List. You will also get an email to confirm your registration for the event which contains the unique link direct to the Webinar page.

Don’t click on the link until shortly before the Webinar is due to start.

When it’s time for the Webinar, click the link which will take you to the Webinar screen.

This will open a browser window and If you do not have the Zoom app installed you should see this:

You will be prompted to download and install the Zoom.Us App. This is the preferred option for some, but Zoom can also run in a browser window if you prefer not to download and install yet another software utility.

You need to cancel the popup window that asks ‘Do you want this page to open “”?’ then (counterintuitively) click the download prompt “download and run Zoom” which should then reveal the option to start in your browser. Click that link and cancel the actual download which will have started in the background. It’s obscure, we know!

It’s possible this process will change because Zoom releases updates quite frequently and are aware of guests’ concerns about privacy and security – this info is correct as of the time of writing.

When you join the webinar you will need to wait for the Presenter to start the broadcast. You will see the screen below:

Feel free to test your speaks so you know the sound will be coming through at a comfortable level.

Once the Webinar begins, the screen will automatically change to a view of the Presenter Screen, like this. If the screen is in Full Screen mode, you can change to a smaller windowed view – there is a small box in the top right corner to toggle Full Screen on and off.

Looking at the Presentation screen above you will see some controls along the bottom edge.

  • Audio Settings: adjust and check your audio settings.
  • Chat: This opens a chat window to the right of the main picture. You can ‘tear off’ the chat window by using the tiny downward facing arrow at the top of the chat screen and choosing ‘Pop Out’.
  • Q&A: this is where you should type in questions for the Moderator or Host to answer. Please do not use Chat to ask questions for the presenters to answer.
  • In the top left corner you will see a little red recording light. All webinars are recorded so they can be later viewed offline.

Now just sit back and enjoy the Presentation!