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Event Overview

Leica Akademie has obtained exclusive access to one of Melbourne’s iconic Victorian houses, Villa Alba in Kew. This late 19th Century home has been preserved as a museum and the ornate wall covering are all in original condition.

This makes the Villa a perfect location for Vintage Portraiture and we have enlisted the help of some Victorian costume enthusiasts who will pose for us in faithfully hand-made Victorian and Regency costumes plus a bit of Steampunk for added spice. The Villa’s amazing wall covering make superb backdrops for high quality portraits, and the quality of light inside is ideal for photography.

Your Leica Akademie instructor, Mark Strachan, will demonstrate both available light thinking and capture, as well as more formal lighting techniques using Profoto studio gear.

As always, lunch is included and will be at the Studley Grounds Cafe across the road.


Please note: whilst the venue images are of Villa Alba (taken by Mark) the model images are indicative only. There will be a couple to photograph, styled as Victorian and/or Steampunk.

Event Details

When: 3 July 2021. 10.00am – 4.30pm.

Where: Villa Alba, 44 Walmer Street, Kew, 3101.

Equipment: Please bring a camera and a selection of lenses. If you would like to borrow a Leica camera for the day please ask us (


Event Details

Day 1: 03/07/2021

Start time: 10:00 AEST

End time: 16:30 AEST

Venue: 44 Walmer Street, Kew, 3101.

Phone: 03 9248 4444