Street Photography with Jesse Marlow – Melbourne – 13 April

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As an exclusive Accor Plus Event, veteran street photographer Jesse Marlow will be hosting a small group in and around the streets of Melbourne where he will share his techniques of classic street photography.

Saturday 13 April, 2019. The workshop will commence at the new Leica Store with a presentation by Jesse showing his work, discussing his approach to street photography and offering valuable tips on how to overcome potential fears of shooting in public, confidence, body language and expectations as well as advice on camera operation and capturing that elusive ‘decisive moment’.

After lunch the small group will head out into the surrounding areas to ‘pound the streets’ looking for interesting and quirky images. Jesse will spend time with each guest throughout the day, helping you refine your craft and boost your confidence on the street.

To round off the day you will return to the Store for a show-and-tell session where Jesse will review the images shot that day.

Lunch will be provided by Leica Akademie Australia at a local cafe

Equipment: Please feel free bring your own cameras, Leica or not. Leica Cameras can be provided if you would like to try one out. If you have a particular Leica lens or camera you would like to use, please contact Principal Akademie Instructor Nick Rains.

Please note: we cannot guarantee every particular item but we will do our best.

View Jesse Marlow’s Leica Akademie Instructor profile here.

When: Saturday 13 April, 11am – 5pm

Where: Meet at the Melbourne Leica Store, Level 1, St Collins Lane, 260 Collins Street.









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