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Publishing and Projects Workshop

Beyond the single ‘hero’ image that we all strive for, one of the most satisfying genres in photography is the photo essay or photo series. First brought to the public’s attention in the 1950’s by photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, the idea of a linked set of images that tell a story transformed photography from relying on a single image to encapsulate a theme. Jesse Marlow has published his collections of work over many years and his latest book and exhibition ‘Second City’ is currently on display at the Leica Gallery Melbourne and Leica Store Sydney.

Over three sessions, Jesse would like to mentor a small group on the art of both the photo essay and book making. He will explain how to approach a new idea, how to shoot it and most importantly, how to edit and curate the resulting images into a coherent series. This workshop will involve shooting images in your own time according to a theme discussed with Jesse in the first session. There will be little attention paid to technical subjects (such as exposure, lens choice, etc) so participants are assumed to be confident enough with their own skills and practice. This course is intended to challenge you over the multi-week shooting period. All participants’ work will be published as a group collection in a beautifully presented hardcover book by Momento Pro. Each guest will receive a copy as part of the workshop fee.

22 May – Session One: Introduction and Theme Selection Session One introduces participants to working towards a themed body of work. Participants will be shown examples of short and long-term projects that have been successfully developed into a publication. An individual theme and focus will be chosen. The work will be shot by you in the following weeks between Sessions One and Three, so you can work at your own pace. A group lunch will be included after the session.

12 June – Session Two: Book Design and Publishing Session Two will focus on the art making a book and a special guest from Momento Pro will explain the different stages of the process. This includes a look into layout and design, paper stock and front cover printing options. The session will also be an opportunity for Jesse to look at any progress shots from participants. A group lunch will also follow where you can discuss further with Jesse and the other guests.

26 June – Session Three: Editing Individual edits of each participant’s work will be made by Jesse during this session via one-on-one editing critiques. The work will then be presented to the group and a plan for the group publication will be outlined. A final lunch will round off the proceedings.

Additional Notes: In the ‘in-between weeks’ when you will be out shooting and creating your body of work, you are welcome to email Jesse for feedback. Submit a set of up to six images and he will respond with his advice and suggestions. The personal email critiques are an opportunity to check if you are on the right track or may serve as some extra inspiration.

View Jesse Marlow’s Leica Akademie Instructor profile here.

Book publishing photos in the galley below supplied courtesy of Momento Books.

Event Details


When: Three Half-Day Sessions, each followed by group lunch
10am – 1pm
22 May + 12 June + 26 June 2021

Where: Leica Store & Gallery Melbourne
Level 1, 260 Collins Street VIC 3000


Event Details

Day 1: 22/05/2021

Day 2: 12/06/2021

Day 3: 26/06/2021

Start time: 10:00 a.m. AEST

End time: 01:00 p.m. AEST

Venue: Leica Store, Melbourne