Perfect Exposures


22 JULY 2020

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Event Overview

To get the most out of your camera it always a good idea to try and get a correct exposure at the time of shooting, rather than having to correct it later. You will get the best possible quality if you get the exposure spot on.

In this Online Workshop Nick Rains explains how he uses his camera’s built-in tools to nail exposures every time. He will also explain the difference between subjectively and objectively correct exposures. Sometimes an image capture looks too light or too dark on the back of the camera but can technically be the correct or best exposure under those circumstances.

Event Details

Recommended For: anyone who would like to fine tune their exposures and get consistent results.

When:  8 July 2020 7.00 – 8.00PM
Where: Online

Equipment: A notebook would be handy but a recording will be made available to participants.


Event Details

Day 1: 22/07/2020

Start time: 19:00 AEST

End time: 20:00 AEST