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Nick Rains, Principal Akademie Instructor, is fond of saying that “merely operating the camera is not photography”. This is true, but until you fully understand how to operate your camera it can be difficult to translate what you see, and what you intend to create, into an actual photograph.

Many camera have so many buttons and levers that it’s tricky to actually get on with shooting images – the camera gets in the way, so to speak.

What exposure mode? What focus mode? Auto or manual exposure, auto or manual focus? How should you use auto-focus properly? When is manual focus more appropriate? Which white balance is correct? How does auto-ISO work and when should it be used? How is auto-bracketing used and why?

Following on from his very popular Photo Fundamentals class Nick Rains will take you through the essentials of camera operation, with the intention of bringing you to a point where the operation becomes second nature – this lets you get on with actually making good photographs rather then working out which camera mode to use.

The day will consist of a classroom session covering the essential aspects of camera operation followed by lunch. We will then give you a Leica camera to use in a practical session with set exercises designed to put into practice the lessons learned earlier. The day will conclude with a review of the images shot so far (to make sure that everyone has been listening!).

Sydney : Feb 10 2018 | Melbourne : Feb 11 2018 | Brisbane : Feb 4

Lunch included.

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