Composition and Lens Choice




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Event Overview

Our new Bite-sized Workshops are topic-specific learning experiences covering specific subjects in a short, easily digestible format.

Composition is a subject which is critically important to good photography. What should you point your camera at, and how should it look in the viewfinder? The way subjects are framed can make the difference between an average image and an award winning masterpiece, and luckily for us there some guiding principals that can be applied.

Our Leica Akademie instructors will share their many years of experience with you and explain what to consider when framing an image.

Closely connected to the subject of Composition is the effect that different lenses have on the ‘look’ of a photo. Our Instructors will also explain how different lenses can be used to create different looks and how that can be incorporated into strong compositions.

Event Details

Melbourne or Sydney

Recommended For: anyone who would like to brush up on how best to frame and compose their photographs.

When: 1 or 8 March. 0900 – 1100.
Where: Leica Store Melbourne and Sydney

Equipment: Please bring your camera and any lenses that you have. A notebook would be handy too.


Event Details

Day 1: 01/03/2020

Day 2: 08/03/2020

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 11:00 a.m.