Long Wu Lamasery, Tongren, China. Leica S2

When you are in exotic locations it’s all too easy to be so overwhelmed by the scene right in front of you that it’s easy to overlook small details that might be equally significant or at least add context to the surroundings. Look for the details and you might surprise your self as to what you find.

Here in the Long Wu lamasery in Qinghai Province, China, one position used by praying monks over many, many years has been deeply worn into the wooden floor leaving a very distinct image of two feet. If you didn’t know it was there it would be easy to miss, but as luck would have it I was there when the light was low, bringing the worn shape into deep relief.

The monastery is superb and there are an amazing variety of images to be made, but opening your eyes to the small details can lead to unusual images like this one.

Here’s another image from the same location – you can see why you could easily miss those little details when there is so much else to see.

Long Wu Lamasery. Leica s2
Long Wu Lamasery. Leica s2