Fowler's Bay, South Australia. Leica S, 70mm.
Fowler’s Bay, South Australia. Leica S, 70mm.

This image of dunes near Fowlers Bay was shot under far trickier conditions than it would appear. Firstly it was blowing a gale with sand blasting at my legs; and second, because the brief storm was passing by really quickly and the light was changing by the second. In these kinds of conditions it really pays to be so completely familiar with the operation of your camera that it is second nature. Know Thy Gear!

Things you should be able to do by feel alone:

Operate the lens release button and remove a lens.
Fit a new lens.
Adjust exposure.
Release, reframe the camera and lock the tripod head.

If you need to look to do the above tasks you can easily miss opportunities, even in landscape photography when you would normally expect to have a good deal more time than in, say, a fast breaking new situation.

Practice the above tasks at home, try in the dark, try timing yourself – practice makes perfect.