This video course covers the Develop Module in Adobe Lightroom Classic – that’s where all the creative stuff happens, where you can craft and polish your images until they look as good as they can possibly be.

Basic editing is quite intuitive, many of the controls have obvious effects and you could get going immediately with basic adjustments right away. Lightroom, however, has an astonishing range of tools and these can be used both individually, and in combination, to make some very subtle edits to your images. This extensive series of 59 videos will introduce you to the deeper levels of Lightroom and by the end you will have a deep grasp of what is possible. This, then, will affect your photography because you can begin to previsualise what your images could look like, and so shoot accordingly.

The Lessons are laid out in a logical sequence but feel free to dip into any video at any time.

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Course Content

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Tone
4. Presence
5. Local Adjustments
6. Tone Curve
7. Advanced Colour Editing
8. Detail
9. Transform
10. Effects
11. Photo Merging
12. Miscellaneous
13. Application Integration
14. Exporting
15. Examples