Applied Lightroom - Storage and Archiving


Storing your images safely and efficiently is becoming a mission-critical task as our image collections get ever large. In this course Nick Rains lays out  his strategy for making sure you can sleep at night knowing your images are safe, and at the same time, still access them quickly.

Nick’s approach is to not overthink the situation and make it too complex and automated. The idea is for a back-up system to be simple and only semi-automatic. If it’s simple you will actually use it and if it has some manual elements you have some control over the process, which is very important. A fully automated system is great – until it isn’t!

Applied Lightroom - Print Module


Making a print is considered by many to be the ultimate end point of photography. A beautiful print is a joy to behold, but at the same time it can be quite unforgiving of your photographic technique!

The printing process is seen by many as a ‘dark art’ but with the right approach and information it is entirely possible to make genuinely excellent prints at home with your own inkjet printer. Fortunately Adobe Lightroom Classic offers a very straightforward way to make prints and, whilst fairly simple, it is still well featured and fully colour-managed.

In this Course, Nick Rains demystifies the process and gives practical advice on how to make great prints – but without getting side-tracked by advanced colour management discussions or geeky colour science. Certainly, deep knowledge of all that is useful, but that’s running before you can walk. Let’s get some really good prints made first, then worry about the next steps!

Applied Lightroom - Develop Module


This video course covers the Develop Module in Adobe Lightroom Classic – that’s where all the creative stuff happens, where you can craft and polish your images until they look as good as they can possibly be.

Basic editing is quite intuitive, many of the controls have obvious effects and you could get going immediately with basic adjustments right away. Lightroom, however, has an astonishing range of tools and these can be used both individually, and in combination, to make some very subtle edits to your images. This extensive series of 59 videos will introduce you to the deeper levels of Lightroom and by the end you will have a deep grasp of what is possible. This, then, will affect your photography because you can begin to previsualise what your images could look like, and so shoot accordingly.

The Lessons are laid out in a logical sequence but feel free to dip into any video at any time.

Applied Lightroom - Library Module


This video course covers the Library Module in Adobe Lightroom Classic – that’s where all the cataloguing functions are to be found, things like importing, searching, adding metadata, creating collections and so on. This is the core of Lightroom’s functionality and you will find out just how incredibly useful a properly set up Catalogue can be. It makes life a lot easier, but you do have to do a bit of work to get to that point. These videos will show you how.

The Lessons are laid out in a logical sequence but feel free to dip into any video at any time – you do not have to complete one Lesson to go on to the next.

Image Assessment Course


As you play through the videos you will learn Nick Rains’s personal method of assessing his images and making basic tweaks to the image using Adobe Lightroom Classic. You will need to be Logged In to the Akademie site to access these videos – if you do not have an account, please click here to Register.

If you want to delve much deeper into Lightroom, and discover its true power, consider our extensive Applied Lightroom Course with over 100 videos – click here.