Photo Tip #4 – Clouds maketh the photograph

Burra, South Australia. Leica S, 30mm.

If you look through the best landscape photos throughout the history of photography you will find that the vast majority of the most memorable images have some sort of ‘texture’ in the sky, usually clouds. Thus clouds maketh the photograph. Solid blue skies are fine for some types of images but, as a rule, if there are interesting clouds in the shot the images you make will be so much better for it. Cloudy days have so much more potential that clear skies – here in Australia this can be problematic for photographers because it’s a country renowned for it’s sunshine.

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Photo Tip #3- Simple Masking using Channels

A simple masking using channels method illustrates the use of masksselections which have been made from the image itself, not by using a brush or selection tool. We start in Lightroom, but it’s really Photoshop, any version, that does all the hard work.

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Photo Tip #2 – High Contrast Scenes

Marree, South Australia. Leica S, 30mm.

Shooting straight into the sun, high contrast scenes is always problematic for digital cameras, no matter how good the camera is. The sun and its immediate surrounds are simply too bright for the sensor to record and that massive overload of light can bleed into surrounding pixels on the sensor. This shows up as a large area of pure white surrounded by a harsh transition into more normal sky tones.

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Photo Tip #1 – Limited Depth of Field

Nothing draws your eye to a subject like limited Depth of Field. Using a lens wide open, especially a telephoto lens, tends to throw backgrounds out of focus, making the sharp subject stand out very clearly. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as this shot of a snuff bottle in Mongolia but your eye is strongly attracted to areas of high contrast, so having a sharp subject against a lower contrast background adds the illusion of depth.

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