Black and White Photography Workshop

Black and White photography is considered by many to the the ultimate challenge for creative photographers. Since photography was invented, we have become familiar with B+W imagery and even though ‘in colour’ is now the way we see and think, B+W still has that certain compelling feel that is hard to master. It’s abstract at the same time as being very familiar.

Akademie Instructor Nick Rains will conduct a full day workshop involving thinking and seeing in B+W through a practical session with either leica cameras or your own. Then he will take you through the subtleties of conversion from colour to B+W as well as how to make good B+W prints.

  • What is B+W Photography
  • Thinking in B+W
  • Textures and Shapes
  • B+W Conversions
  • B+W Printing
  • B+W In camera

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