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  • 125 Videos
  • Over 15 hours of content
  • Lifetime Access
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  • 2 Assessment Tests
  • Official Leica Certificates of Attainment
  • Updated for Version 11



Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful photographic tool which, when used correctly, will save you incredible amounts of time. In this extensive collection of online learning modules, Nick Rains will explain his tried-and-tested methods of cataloguing, post-processing, printing and archiving. The aim of these courses is to give you a deep understanding of how the software should be used and thus help you become much more efficient in your workflow.

These courses comprises well over 100 videos and have been developed from a genuine real-world approach to using Lightroom. Nick has been using Lightroom since Version 1 back in 2007 and it forms the core of his photography business. All the advice and techniques explained in these videos are based on actually using the software day-in, day-out over many years.

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Library Module

Import and catalogue your images correctly so that they can be easily located. Includes Printing and Storage E-Courses for free.



The Full Collection

Master all aspects of Lightroom. Includes Develop Module, Library Module, Printing Module and Storage Module. 125 videos in all.




Nick’s approach to teaching Lightroom Classic follows Leica’s own philosophy of “Das Wesentliche” (The Essentials) – this means getting the job done in the most effective way possible without being distracted by unnecessary features. In this course, we will show you how to quickly and easily fine-tune the process of downloading, annotating, polishing and exporting, so that you can make the most of your valuable time.

To use Lightroom effectively, you don’t need to know how to use every single feature and slider with proficiency as some other tutorials may suggest. There is no need to ‘over think’ your own image collection and create a system of complex folder hierarchies – this course will show you just how simple it needs to be. Das Wesentliche!

You will be stepped through the principles of how Lightroom Classic really works. You will be shown, in detail, how to import your images quickly and effectively, how to search and cross reference images and how to save time by using Lightroom’s post-processing tools in a creative and efficient manner.

Nick likes to use the term ‘Applied Lightroom’ – this course is created with that firmly in mind.


This course comes from the desire to de-mystify what Lightroom is and what it is for. The content is meant to be practical - not simply a list of which buttons do what but what they are for and why you should use them. Follow Nick's advice, and with a bit of practice, you should be benefitting from Lightroom's powerful tools in no time.


The Lessons in this course can be followed at whatever pace suits you. You will have permanent access to all the videos and other content so take your time and absorb the information at your own speed.


This course is for anyone, whether beginner, committed enthusiast or professional, who would like know how best to locate and keep track of their images as well as how to polish and tweak them to their full potential. None of this needs to be time consuming - time out shooting will always be more productive than time wasted in front of the computer.


The Library and Develop courses together comprise over 100 videos which range in length from just a few minutes to over 15 minutes. Each video covers a very specific topic and the total run time is over 11 hours.

This course teaches Adobe Lightroom Classic Version 10 (LRc) because only the Classic version features all of the critical industry-strength cataloguing features. Even if you have an older version of Lightroom Classic all of the Library Module information will be relevant, and, depending on how old your version is, most of the Develop Module section.

In the unlikely event that you find that the content of this course does not suit your needs then Leica Akademie Australia will give you a full refund. This offer is valid for seven days from when you start watching the course videos.

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This course can be considered as ‘Real World Lightroom’ and is based around the notion that you need to be shown how the software is used in the real world by a genuine professional photographer, rather than be shown a series of ‘tips and tricks’ and theoretical workflows. It is not a definitive guide to every single feature or obscure menu item, but it is very in-depth when it comes to the aspects of the software that you really need to understand.

All the videos are streamed in Full HD quality in the MP4 format. Any modern computer or digital device with a modest internet connection can play the videos.

In some respects, being a beginner is to your advantage because you have not yet fallen into bad habits! So, yes, this course will be fine for beginners, but even those who have been using Lightroom for a while are certain to find Nick’s approach refreshing and highly practical.

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