What’s Included:

  • 21 Videos
  • 4 hours 16 mins
  • Downloadable Content
  • Lifetime Access
  • View on Mobile
  • Course Assessment Test
  • Official Leica Certificate of Attainment


Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful piece of software which can be quite daunting for the beginner.  It’s not something you can simply work out for yourself – you really need to be shown how it works.

This Photoshop Primer E-Course is aimed at committed enthusiasts who would like to grow past the limitations of Lightroom’s own post-processing tools, and move into the realm of really subtle image sweetening; graduating into compositing and even more complex image editing.

To get a head start towards mastering the deeper aspects of Photoshop it is first necessary for you to learn the basics. This E-Course will provide you a firm grounding in concepts such as Layers, Masks, Channels and Selections, so that the more advanced techniques will make more sense to you.

This E-Course lays down the foundations of knowledge that you need to successfully navigate your first steps towards mastering this advanced software application and is led by Nick Rains who has been using Photoshop for the past 25+ years.

What you will learn...

  • Photoshop compared to Lightroom
  • How to set Preferences
  • How to navigate the Workspace
  • Image Sizing
  • What Layers are for
  • What Channels are for
  • What Adjustment layers are for
  • Making and using Masks
  • How to adjust images
  • How to Heal and Patch
  • Making Selections
  • Working with raw files
  • Saving and Exporting
  • About the other Tools

Demonstrated: Masking

Demonstrated: Clone Tool

Demonstrated: Adjust using Selections

Other Examples: Clone Tool and Tonal Adjustments

Other Examples: Retouch and Tonal Adjustments

Aspirational: Composite with Layers


Nick’s approach to teaching Photoshop follows Leica’s own philosophy of “Das Wesentliche” (The Essentials) – this means getting the job done in the most effective way possible without being distracted by unnecessary features. Nick would like to get you started learning the ‘mysteries’ of this advanced software.

There are plenty of other Photoshop tutorials available from a wide range of talented teachers which, whilst informative and well presented, either assume too much basic knowledge or make Photoshop appear to be more complicated than it need be. Learning the basics first will stand you in good stead for further expansion of your skills.

You will stepped through the principles of how Photoshop really works. You will be shown, in detail, how to open, and edit your images, how to work with Layers, why Masks are so powerful and how to build accurate selection out of the shapes in the images themselves. Plus loads more…

At the end of the Lessons there is a set of 20 Assessment Questions – successfully completing these will allow you to download a printable Certificate of Achievement. We highly recommend taking part in the Assessment because, whilst watching videos is very informative, answering a range of slightly tricky questions cements your new knowledge that much deeper.

Walk before you try to run – this 21 video primer will start you off on you Photoshop journey.


Learn the basics and everything will flow on from there. It's very important to start in the correct way and build on solid foundations, so this course will get you started and get you moving in the right direction.


This course is aimed at the beginner. However, if you have already started working in Photoshop but are struggling with some of the concepts, this E-Course might crystallise some of the things you almost get!


The Lessons in this course can be followed at whatever pace suits you. You will have permanent access to all the videos and other content so take your time and absorb the information at your own speed.


There are 21 videos in the E-Course totalling over 4 hours.

This course teaches Adobe Photoshop 2021 and all the screen views feature that version.

In the unlikely event that you find that the content of this course does not suit your needs then Leica Akademie Australia will give you a full refund. This offer is valid for seven days from when you start watching the course videos.

Terms and Conditions apply – click here for details.

Nick has made a concerted effort to get back to absolute basics and then build upon that knowledge with follow-along examples. Many courses assume at least some knowledge – this one assumes nothing but at the same time is not simplistic.

All the videos are streamed in Full HD quality in the MP4 format. Any modern computer or digital device with a modest internet connection can play the videos.

Yes! It is aimed at the total beginner so no prior knowledge is required other than an understanding of how to operate your computer and install software.

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